Caustic soda  flakes

Caustic soda flakes manufactured by Aditya Birla Chemicals are free from foreign matter, dirt or other visible impurities. The product is widely used in the textile, soaps and detergents, pulp and paper industries and in alumina refineries.

Product specifications:

Formula : NaOH Name : Sodium hydroxide minimum 97% w/w Synonyms : Caustic soda flakes, sodium hydroxide

Specifications : Sodium hydroxide as NaOH, per cent by mass: Min. 99.50 Chlorides as NaCl, per cent by mass: Max. 0.10

Sodium carbonate as Na2CO3, per cent by mass, Max. 0.40

Applications : Alumina refineries, Pulp and paper, Soaps and detergents, Viscose fibre, Textile processing, Organic chemicals such as dyes, etc.

Inorganic chemicals such as sulphites, phosphites, etc.

Packaging : 50kg / 25kg HDPE / PP bags with LDPE line, trucks and containers.

Textiles, pharmaceuticals, detergent and glass industries and therefore our area of business is very wide.

Suppliers of the products of the companies as under :

  • Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd.
  • Grasim Industries Ltd.
  • Indian Oxalate Limited.
  • Kanoria Chemicals & Indutries Ltd.
  • Shree Rayalseema Alkalies and Allied Chemicals Ltd.
  • Tata Chemicals Ltd.
  • Universal Chemicals & Industries Ltd.

We also import chemicals and Solvents from China, Thailand, Romania and Russia.

We warmly welcome all clients, new and old to negotiate and cooperate with us jointly develop the brighter future of Indian chemical Industry.