Soda ASH

The Synthetic soda ash is produced using the ammonia soda process popularly known as Solvable process. Solar salt, coke, coal, and limestone are input raw materials used in producing Light Soda.

Product specifications:

Formula : Na2CO3 Name : Sodium Carbonate Synonyms : Calcined Soda, Disodium Carbonate

Applications : Light Soda Ash is one of the most important basic industrial chemical and is most wide ly used fixed alkali for manufacture of alkali products, sodium salts, soap, sodium silicates, detergent, bicarbonates, bichromates, pulp and paper, cellulose and rayon, iron and steel, aluminium, cleaning compounds, water softening chemicals, textiles and dyestuffs, drugs and also finds use as an alkali for household products..

Packaging : 50kg HDPE / PP Bags, 750 Kg HDPE / PP Jumbo Bags with nti Lamination / Liner

Suppliers of the products :- TATA