Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide is the most widely used white pigment because of its brightness and very high refractive index, in which it is surpassed only by a few other materials. it is widely used to provide whiteness and opacity to products.

Formula : TiO2

Titanium Dioxide is a white solid inorganic substance that is thermally stable, non-flammable,

poorly soluble, And not classified as hazardous according to United Nations (UN). Globally

Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

As a pigment TiO2 has excellent light scattering properties and is used in a variety of applications

that require white opacity and brightness.


  • Rutile Grade (Origin)
  • R-902 (USA)
  • R-104 (Taiwan)
  • TR-92 (Malaysia)
  • TR-28 (Malaysia)
  • CR-828 (Australia)
  • RC-822 (India), PG-800 (India)
  • R-2195 (China)
  • R-6618 (China)
  • Kronos-2310 (Germany)
  • Kronos-2220 (Germany)



  • Anatase Grade (Origin)
  • TTP ISI (Kerala)
  • VVTI Pigments (Tamil Nadu)
  • B101 / Silverstar / Longman (China)